Who we are ?
It will be our pleasure to introduce Deep Management & Eco consultants as the largest independent financial advisors in North India (ex NCR).

We support your aspirations without conflict or bias. As an independent company not owned by or affiliated with any brokerage or investment group or an Insurance company, our mission is to help individuals optimize portfolio returns with a great sense of security & a legacy of goodwill.

We provide one stop solutions for all your financial needs from plain vanilla Mutual Funds to the exotic derivative trades, managed futures structures and private equity deals.

We have been in this industry for ten years and serve all the major clients in the city. It is the result of our “client first approach " and constant endevour on improving service quality and neutral advise that has enabled our clients to repose trust in us and let us handle close to 240 cr of their hard earned money.

We believe in total transparency in our dealings. We are the permanent face of the company and hence you will never have the issue of your relationship manager getting transferred or changing his job.

The Firm is well equipped to provide scientific updated technology based portfolio advice to all its clients. The need of the day is to give right advice to every segment of population irrespective of whether the investor is high net worth Retail or Institutional clients. The stress is to make concerted efforts in spreading investment awareness in right earnest.

Considering the tumultuous and the volatile times that we are living in, the need for valuable and active financial planning and wealth management has never been more important and critical.  The goal is to create, grow and preserve wealth. The advisory practice is built on the foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility and hence we are always committed to exceeding the expectations of the clients.